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What is home networking or home automation?

Imagine a `smart' home that turns lights on and off automatically, waters the garden, gets the best out of home theatre systems, and looks after itself while you're away. These days, anything is possible with a home automation system from Clipsal Integrated Systems.

The brains behind a home's automation is the amazing C-Bus System. It delivers a greater level of convenience and control over your home's lighting and other electrical services. Innovative C-Bus products like the Scene Master and Touch Screen wall units, as well as 'smart' switches like Neo, act as the command systems for C-Bus. Using these products can trigger certain responses in one or more devices connected to the C-Bus Network. For example, pushing one button on Scene Master can turn all the lights on downstairs and close the curtains.

Welcome home

You'll love coming home to C-Bus. By calling ahead on your mobile and selecting the 'Welcome Home' mode, C-Bus will create the perfect environment to come home to by turning on lights, air-conditioning and playing your favourite CD. These can also be programmed to operate automatically at preset times. C-Bus can even know when it's sunrise and sunset to turn outside lights on and off and close curtains automatically. C-Bus can also water the garden, and only when it's not raining.

The ultimate house-sitter

Select `Holiday' mode when leaving your home for an extended period and you'll be leaving your home in safe hands. C-Bus can arm the security system and can ensure the garden is watered regularly. It can also give your home the "lived-in" look while you're away by turning lights on and off at programmed times and opening curtains during the day.

As well as creating the lived-in look while you're away, C-Bus is clever enough to be able to let you activate or disarm your security system over the phone. You can even unlock the front door to let someone in!

Distant control

Another amazing thing about C-Bus is the ability to control your home's appliances from anywhere in the house, or even the world, via a mobile phone or PC.

The benefits of a smart home

Enhanced safety and security

Hear a strange sound at night? One touch can turn on all the lights. You can monitor the baby or the front door from any TV. Sensors can detect intruders and can call in an alert. Create the illusion people are home by activating lights, TVs or other appliances. Finally, you can check if you've locked up from any touch tone phone anywhere in the world.

More free time

No more repetitive chores. All sorts of equipment can be programmed to go on and off automatically at preset times and it will even adjust itself during daylight saving.

Simple, yet enhanced, control

One button to control many different functions. A 'Good night' button can arm the outside, ensure some lights are off and dim others to provide safe night time passage.

Re-sale value

Automated homes may well command higher re-sale values today and in the years to come.


Enjoy Home Theatre. Bring the screen down, dim the lights, close the curtains, and start the show all with one touch of a touch screen.

Energy efficiency

C-Bus, so intelligent it can manage and control your lights and heating to deliver maximum savings. No lights accidentally left on. It can activate lights through switches and sensors.

Create scenes

Carry out one touch control that allows you to set lighting scenes with ease. Program one scene for watching TV, one for dining and another for entertaining.

Remote, remote control

Control your home from anywhere in the world via a telephone, PC or Internet connection. You can remotely activate and monitor anything from garden irrigation to lighting and security.

Smart homes - Smart wiring

It would be unusual to find an office or business that hasn't networked their phone and computer systems. After all, it's not good business sense to supply a printer, modem and scanner for every computer. It's more economical to share. Additionally, businesses are not likely to run a tangle of cords across the floor, all wiring is cleverly concealed in the walls. Now the same is possible at home.

Most homes have more than one computer. In addition to the study, the kids have one in their room to do their homework, and the parents bring the laptop home from work. StarServe enables all the PCs to access E-Mail, the internet, and

hardware like printers and scanners. Imagine working on your laptop in bed and printing in your study without having to get out of bed!

Even better, StarServe can also network all your home entertainment

Clipsal StarServe

The total home networking system

With Australian households now investing in more complex home entertainment systems and computer networks, today's basic home wiring structures can no longer cope. Ducted air-conditioning is common in most homes, but `ducted' or networked entertainment systems were once only found in the homes of the rich and famous. StarServe has made home networking available to everyone.

A Clipsal StarServe Home Network expands on basic home wiring to allow the home's VCR, Pay TV or DVD to be linked to all TVs within the home, or, StarServe solves the homeowner's problem of sharing the Internet, E-Mail or other hardware like printers.

The benefits of StarServe

•  No Untidy telephone cables, computer or TV leads running along skirting boards, under carpets or around the corners of rooms.

Access Pay TV or DVD in other rooms even if the kids are watching a video in the family room.

Pay TV to Any TV set in the home.

Watch Baby is okay from the TV in the master bedroom.

See Visitors at the front door by changing to a channel on any TV in the house.

Play DVD or VCR on any TV throughout the home.

The Remote controls the VCR in the lounge room from any TV in the home.

Move About the house and watch a movie from any TV.

No Ugly internal antennas.

Clear Pictures in any room with a TV.

Extra TV Points require minimal work by a technician.

Print a document on a printer connected to a PC in the home office whilst working on a laptop in the lounge room.

Future Proof your home to maximise its re-sale value.


Homeowner Benefits

see Pay TV and DVDs anywhere!

Has the homeowner got more than one TV but only one DVD, VCR or Pay TV box?

With StarServe, you can link the DVD, VCR or Pay TV box to all the TVs within the home. No more duplicate equip­ment or wires running across the floor. With the optional Infra-red feature, the homeowner can control the TV, DVD or VCR from wherever they happen to be sitting, even if the equipment is in another room.

convenience on the computer

Most homes have more than one computer. StarServe

enables all PCs to access E-Mail, the Internet and other hardware devices like printers and scanners. Imagine the homeowner printing a document on a printer in the study whilst working on their laptop at the Dining Room table.

extra safety and security

With a Clipsal camera connected to StarServe, the home owner now has a surveillance system utilising their TVs. Cameras can be placed under eaves at the front door, in the carport or overlooking the pool, allowing the homeowner to see who's outside or keep on eye on the kids by simply selecting the appropriate channel on their TV.  

future proofing

StarServe's key is in its flexibility, allowing new services to be easily installed in the future. We call this "Future proof­ing". A homeowner can begin with a simple system and add new services when they like. StarServe enables the home networking system to be changed according to the homeowner's lifestyle and changing technology, easily and inexpensively.

structured cabling with the Hills Home Hub

Anyone considering building a new house will have heard someone mention structured cabling or smart wiring, and how important it is to be able to use the technologies available to us, and be prepared for those that are just around the corner.

So what are they actually talking about?

The Hills Home Hub delivers and distributes data, phone, video, audio and TV signals using the latest in data and TV cables from a centrally located enclosure to specially configured wall outlets in any room of your choice. Structured cabling using the Hills Home Hub is preferably planned at the same time as your electrical wiring. The central enclosure is home to the devices that enable the delivery and distribution of these signals. It also houses the security system central controller. An ideal location for the central enclosure is a garage or utility room.

Future Planning

It is important to plan in which rooms you would like to access data, phone, video, audio and TV. This planning is important to you now and to future owners of your home because it adds flexibility and value. The use of a room could change over time. A nursery now will become a teenager's bedroom, and possibly a study or home office in the future. In order to access or share these signals, cables along with wall outlets, containing standard data and TV entertainment points need to be installed.